Bram Stoker''s Dracula: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Bram Stoker''s Dracula: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Binding : CD
Brand : Sony
Publisher : Sony





The one thing that strikes me the most when I'm listening to this soundtrack is the amazing use of "instrumental" emotion.
Wojciech Kilar has a very special and rare ability to use an instrument to grand effect, he knows how to use an instrument emotionally a great example of this can be heard on "Love Remembered" where he manages to create an emotional state with the bare help of a simple flute. Its very rare for a composer to capture the very essence of the instrument itself, and what's even more rare is how he manages to compile an album filled with various emotions like: sadness, loneliness, love and lust; in my opinion no one has ever been able to grab me the way that this soundtrack has.
The scale of greatness is very high, take for example the opening song "The Beginning" it starts out very slow and paced, but then it erupts into a full-blown orchestra on the verve of total submission; it then slows down when demonic voices comes through...but only to be over shined by the angelic voice of the dawn.
It's very obvious what Wojciech Kilar tried to accomplish with this score, the wanted to make a soundtrack that is capable of adapting every kind of emotion from the aggressive, yet gentle "Vampire Hunters" to the heart drenching pain of "Love Eternal."
As I stated above; its very rare for a composer to capture the very heart of a movie or a play, the movie is also going to reflect something else while the music usually moves the opposite direction, that is not the case in this soundtrack, the soundtrack is a sound version of the movie, practically an exact copy of the film.
The movie was and still is the best adaptation of the book, it manages to capture the very soul of the book, and that's why Gary Oldman gave the performance of his life.
Gary Oldman managed to capture the very soul of Dracula (not Vlad Tepes).
The order of the Dracul, a Dragon, Vlad Tepes the son of Dracul and the heir to his kingdom was in life a very brutal and mean spirited person, although to many his considered to be a Saint that saved Romania from the Turks and Islam.
The soundtrack is one of those "one of a kind" masterpieces that probably never will come again, Wojciech Kilar manages to capture and explore the "Dracula" theme to the fullest.
And now I want to highlight some of the songs, first up is the heartbreakingly wonderful "Mina's Photo" the songs knows exactly how to compliment Wynona's picture perfectly, and its heartbreaking when you see Dracula shedding a tear when he sees the picture...legendary stuff I tell you. "Lucy's Party" is another example of the amazing capability the soundtrack has, the song displays a very frightening side of the outspoken Lucy.
"Ascension" the moment where God frees Dracula from his curse, you see Mina holding him in his arms as he seeks redemption towards the ceiling, unbearable to witness this just breaks my heart.
The soundtrack is my personal favorite of all time as it has everything a real soundtrack should have, no other soundtrack has managed to capture me the way that this has.





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